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About iHeartVolunteers

Mission Statement 

People who volunteer share interests and core values such as compassion, a sense of adventure, flexibility and most importantly the desire to help improve the lives of people and the communities in which they live. iHeartVolunteers is an exclusive dating service to help these people connect. 


To become the leader in connecting volunteer couples around the world.


  1. Help make connections between service-minded individuals
  2. Encourage continued volunteerism
  3. Promote non-profit organizations
  4. Highlight the great work of individual volunteers
  5. Give back 10% of our profits to our member's volunteer projects/organizations
  6. Do good, together

Our Team

Shelly Zenner - Lead List Maker / Co-Founder

She volunteers because she wants to make a positive difference in peoples lives, even if it's a small difference. When she isn't making lists she enjoys walking on fresh snow, cooking with basil from her garden, camping and a good game of cribbage.

Chris Zenner - Big Hair Band Analyst / Co-Founder

He volunteers because he enjoys being a part of a community that does good for goodness sake. He is most proud of hugging Brett Michaels the lead singer of Poison and for delivering bottled water to Toto's dressing room. He can often be overheard trying to tell people how great Wisconsin is and one-upping anyone that disagrees.

Tim Curtis - Taekwondo Expert / Web Development

He volunteers because it gives him pride and a sense of achievement while giving back to the community. The least interesting thing about him is that he is a 2nd degree brown belt in Taekwondo. The most interesting thing about him is that he knows how to ride a unicycle. When he isn't taekwondo'ing (or making up words) he enjoys playing music, brewing beer and biking.

Amy Pappajohn
Amy Pappajohn - Refrigeration Inventory Specialist / Business Development

She volunteers because she believes in the power of paying it forward - you never know when you might need help someday. She is most proud of her witty comebacks and fridge inventory management. She also has a knack for cooking strange fusion cuisine and giving the best hugs.

Colin Pappajohn
Colin Pappajohn - Director of Excel Formatting / Business Development

He volunteers because it's fun and he believes that it is a win-win activity - it benefits everybody involved - which really can't be said about much. He is most proud of his ability to learn languages that he will never ever use again. He loves traveling, gardening, listening to podcast and he can spend hours designing and formatting Excel spreadsheets.


Our Story

The idea behind, iHeartVolunteers, began after the Co-Founders returned home from serving as volunteers in Botswana, Africa. They were both Community Development Volunteers and did a variety of things while serving. Such as, assisting in the planning and implementation of community events, participating in HIV/AIDS education classes, helping individuals improve their computer skills, working with young entrepreneurs on business plan development and coaching youth basketball.

Once settling back in the U.S. they began spending time with other volunteers, many of whom were single. Some of the single volunteers expressed that they were having a difficult time relating to others who did not share their same passion for volunteering. At that point, we decided to make it easy for volunteers to date other volunteers by creating an exclusive dating service for people who volunteer!

A Pledge from the Founders - iHeartVolunteers will be a social and environmentally responsible company. We look forward to giving back to the community and to our members by donating 10% of profits annually to our member’s volunteer projects.

Shelly & Chris
Co-Founders & Fellow Volunteers