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We are pretty excited about the first iHeartVolunteers marriage and so is the couple, check out their testimonials below:

“We served as volunteers on opposite ends of the earth, and afterward lived in opposite corners of the country. Were it not for iHeartVolunteers, we might never have met nor found in each other our soulmate. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!”
- Alexandria, Washington D.C.

“This was ultimately the best decision of my life because within a week of publishing my profile, I met the woman who was to become my wife. What better testimony is there than this?”
- Mike, California

Marriage testimonials are great...but so are the everyday volunteer testimonials below:

“A great way to meet like minded people who have similar priorities and have been changed by similar experiences.” - Sunny, Michigan

“I have tried Match and Christian Mingle before, this seems easier and less overwhelming.”
- Alexandria, Connecticut

“I think this is a great way for adventurous caring people to connect.” - Megan, Kentucky

“I think the name announces trust and happiness and a secure site for people who really care about similar things in life.” - Carl, Minnesota

“I think so many of those core values that you mentioned in your mission statement are good building blocks to start any relationship on.” - Amy, South Korea

“I've definitely noticed that people who volunteer tend to 'find' each other and form longer lasting relationships.” - Alex, California

“Love it! I've been on a lot of dating sites and there are some sketchy profiles. Volunteering seems like a great commonality especially if someone is willing to have it verified.”
- Maura, Oregon

“It makes so much sense. Volunteers are some awesome people! And the exclusivity of it makes it more special” - Colin, South Korea

“I think it's a great idea - right away you are connecting with people who have similar interests and characteristics. I also like how you have a donation built into the site.”
- Elizabeth, Minnesota

“I like that it is exclusive, it connects me with other volunteers with similar core values and I like that it’s easy to use with few barriers to joining”. - Amy, South Korea

“Screening is a huge bonus, there are a lot of people setting up fake profiles and any type of verification is awesome.” - Alexandria, Connecticut

“It creates a community of individuals who prioritize public service and service experiences in their lives.” - Sunny, Michigan